03-039 Baldwin Slough 102

  • County: Montgomery
  • Price: $132,600
  • Lot Size: 102± Acres
  • Tract ID: #03-039
  • Zoning:
  • Features:
Baldwin Slough 102
Here is your opportunity to own a good hunting property at a very affordable price. This property is in the Montgomery city limits and backs up to a few different residential developments, but I have talked with one of the fellows that have leased this property in the past and he said the hunting can be excellent. I do know that this part of Montgomery County has consistently produced some outstanding bucks!
The excerpt below is from a REALTREE article on Urban Deer Hunting by Mike Lambeth:
Adam Hays III, an incredible bowhunter who has arrowed three 200-class bucks, believes that suburban bucks get so big for one simple reason: they’re overlooked. Most hunters drive by the small patches of woods where they live to hunt larger parcels of land. But suburban bucks quickly adapt and flourish in these smaller surroundings.
Many states have excellent hunting in the suburbs, just waiting to be tapped into by savvy hunters.
“Many city-limits hunting spots don’t allow gun hunting, but are ripe for bowhunting,” Hays said.
It only takes three ingredients to have deer – food, water, and cover. And the vital ingredients for growing big bucks are also threefold – age, genetics, and nutrition. Age is the most critical ingredient. If you want to kill some real wall-hangers, you must let them live long enough to grow their best headgear.
Please call me, Eric Leisy, to schedule a tour today. 334-657-6707.
In light of what is going on in the world today there has never been a better time to buy land. Interest rates are at historical lows and the purchase of land provides a safe haven for your investment. Other attributes of land include: 1) Land can be a great hedge against inflation, 2) Land does not fluctuate erratically like the stock market, and 3) Land will ALWAYS be there for tomorrow. 4) Land provides a healthy environment away from the masses and can even provide food for your family.