29-065 Green Acres Farm

  • County: Elmore
  • Price: $349,000.00
  • Lot Size: 63 Acres
  • Tract ID: #29-065
  • Zoning: Pasture and Crop, Development, Residential
  • Features:


There was a very successful sitcom from the 1960’s and 70’s called Green Acres. The lyrics from the theme song went like this:

Green Acres is the place for me
Farm livin’ is the life for me
Land speadin’out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan, just give me the countryside

If you have been looking for a farm to spread out a little and enjoy a little more “countryside” in your life, this farm may be exactly what you have been looking for!

Beautiful Green Acres Farm is ideally located on the Alabama River Parkway only about 4 miles from Interstate 65. You can be in the Prattville/Millbrook area in 5-10 minutes, and Downtown Montgomery is a short distance away. While this farm is conveniently located to schools, shopping, and other businesses this farm gives you the feeling that you really are “in the country.”

Want a family retreat where you can raise your own food, plant a dove field, and just get away from the crowds? Green Acres Farm certainly checks all of those boxes.

The farm is currently being used to run about 20 cow/calves on the eastside of the farm and the two larger pastures are producing around 150 large bales a season. There is a hog pen, an area to raise chickens, several barns. and storage buildings on the land. There are horse stalls too! Two of the barns and two of the pastures have water running to them.

The 1400 square foot home was completely renovated 5 years ago with new kitchen cabinets, floors, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and septic. It is currently rented to a wonderful tenant. If you don’t want the rental income this home would make a nice permanent residence or weekend retreat. You also could keep the rental income and build your cabin or home on the remaining property. There are plenty of beautiful places to build on. If you enjoy fishing there are a couple of nice lake sites.

The potential uses for this property are many. Thinking about a horse boarding business? With plenty of space for riding trails, fenced pastures with water, and barns already in place, Green Acres Farm lends itself beautifully to that use.

Land is a great investment!

  1. In light of what is going on in the world today there has never been a better time to buy land. Interest rates are at historical lows and the purchase of land provides a safe haven for your investment. Other attributes of land include:
  2. 1) Land is a great hedge against inflation.
  3. 2) It  does not fluctuate erratically like the stock market.
  4. 3) Land will ALWAYS be there for tomorrow.
  5. 4) Land provides a healthy environment away from the masses and can even provide food for your family.

For a private tour of this property, call or text me, Eric Leisy, at 1-334-657-6707. I can handle every aspect of the land buying process without you ever having to have close contact with anyone, including on site safe social distancing or a virtual tour option. Call me today so you can start making memories that will last a lifetime.

Download or Print a Green Acres Farm Brochure here.