03-015E Line Creek Plantation East

  • County: Montgomery
  • Price: $884,800
  • Lot Size: 224 Acres
  • Tract ID: #03-015E
  • Zoning:
  • Features:
Line Creek Plantation is an exquisite opportunity for whitetail deer hunting enthusiasts.  This premier property consists of 466 ± meticulously managed acres in the heart of the Alabama Blackbelt (Montgomery County). This property is also being offered as a whole 466 acre property and in three separate tracts as well.
Line Creek East is a 224-acre parcel, Line Creek West is a 191-acre parcel, and there is a 51-acre homesite/recreational parcel.
My personal history with Line Creek Plantation dates back to the 1980s when I owned a deer processing plant that would average 1500 deer annually. Each year the largest bucks brought into the plant were those from this tract.  They were easily distinguishable by their giant bodies, heavy antlers, and exceptional genetics.  I also have had the privilege of personally hunting this property for the past ten years and being witness to its “deer phenomenon” firsthand.
What makes Line Creek Plantation deer grow so big? I believe there are two main factors.  The first is what I like to call the “River Effect.” Just as river bottomland has extremely rich, fertile soil from the water moving to the floodplain leaving sediment and diverse organic matter; I believe that the two major creeks running through Line Creek Plantation produce similar fertile soil.  Additionally, this tract has been primarily bow hunted which results in limited harvesting throughout the years.
In addition to having an extraordinary whitetail population, Line Creek Plantation has a very good turkey population and is ideal for quail hunting and waterfowl.   The waterfowl love this property, in part, because it has floodable areas that are perfect for planting a crop and then flooding.  It has levees in place to hold the water making prime duck holes.
Line Creek is all about the amenities.  The current owner has built an elevated road system that encompasses the vast majority of the property providing access to most areas (even in the wet winter months).   Each game plot is strategically placed, the fruit trees are bountiful, and the mast-producing trees in areas are massive.  When you arrive at Line Creek you will forget you are only fifteen minutes from the city.  Time will seem to stand still.  This premier plantation has hosted countless celebrities including professional baseball players, country music legends, and even a Hall of Fame quarterback, not just for the incredible hunting but because it is a rare, exquisite escape.
I want to leave you with a short story of one of my first Line Creek Plantation hunts:
 It was a nice, sunny, cool, October afternoon and the owner had graciously sent me back to an area that over time affectionately became known as the “Hard Hat” woods (because of all the white oak acorns falling from the trees you almost need a hard hat for protection). Well, I was a little late getting to the stand so I was just quietly stalking down a road that bordered one of the cypress sloughs. As I turned the corner I could hear two bucks gently sparring about 60-70 yards away so I just froze. After about 10 minutes the bucks materialized. And what beautiful animals they were. I estimated the larger buck to be in the 160+ class and the smaller in the 140+ range. While they were too far away to shoot I was treated to one of the most magical shows I have ever witnessed in the woods. For about 5 minutes I watched them tickle their antlers together, feed on acorns, and just go about their business of being deer. As luck would have it they ended up walking about twenty yards from the stand that I was supposed to be in. Funny thing is that I took home so much more from that afternoon in the “Hard Hat” woods than a buck…I took home a memory that will last a lifetime.