23-011 Poley Creek 40

  • County: Covington
  • Price: $90,000
  • Lot Size: 40± Acres
  • Tract ID: #23-011
  • Zoning:
  • Features:
Beautiful 40-acre property with mature timber.
Access is directly off of Opine Road (a paved road).
Located about 3 miles west of Highway 331. Only about 1/2 mile from Frank Jackson Lake in Frank Jackson State Park.
Very affordable property with low maintenance.
Please call me, Eric Leisy, to schedule a tour today. 334-657-6707.
In light of what is going on in the world today there has never been a better time to buy land. Interest rates are at historical lows and the purchase of land provides a safe haven for your investment. Other attributes of land include: 1) Land can be a great hedge against inflation, 2) Land does not fluctuate erratically like the stock market,  3) Land will ALWAYS be there for tomorrow. 4) Land provides a healthy environment away from the masses and can even provide food for your family.



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