29-072 Stimson 222

  • County: Elmore
  • Price: $399,600
  • Lot Size: 222± Acres
  • Tract ID: #29-072
  • Zoning: Residential
  • Features: hunting land for sale deer hunting deer
Stimson 222 is a ±two hundred- & twenty-two-acre property located in the Alabama blackbelt in beautiful Elmore County near Tallassee; a charming, historic river-front town minutes from Montgomery, Lake Martin, and Auburn.  Stimson has easy access directly off of Friendship Road with power and water already on-site.
Stimson 222 is absolutely ideal for the discerned land buyer looking for a blank canvas to build a dream home, create a recreational hunting oasis, and/or cultivate into pasture land for cattle or horses.  With the timber having been cut a couple of years ago, the Stimson 222 can be acquired at an exceptional price point with endless opportunity compared to similar-sized tracts with such prime location and amenities.
The whitetail population on Stimson 222 is literally off the charts. In the one week of three trail cameras being installed on about fifty acres of the property (for images to include in the brochure & online listing), I captured more than fifteen different bucks ranging from smaller 4-6 points up to 3-4 bruiser bucks. Land that has been cut like this provides two incredible things that deer need to thrive – food and cover (please see the excerpt below from Kip Adams talking about deer habitat) – as well as the added benefit of being competitively priced (which allows for a buyer to acquire much more acreage than that of a comparable property with mature timber and a much larger price tag).
Please call me, Eric Leisy, with any questions or to schedule a tour of this property today at 334-657-6707.
Below is an excerpt from a Quality Deer Management Association blog, written by renowned Wildlife Biologist, Kip Adams. This blog had 3 items mentioned that help improve habitat for the deer and this, More Young Forest” was the NUMBER 1 management practice to improve the deer hunting.
HABITAT  #1 – More Young Forest
“I no longer believe mature forests are the most important component of deer habitat. Many hunters in heavily forested areas think forests are necessary for healthy deer herds. However, many of those same folks consider South Texas and Kansas as exceptional places to hunt deer. I agree, and both states provide great deer hunting in areas with few or no overstory trees. Deer in extreme northern environments need overstory coniferous cover to survive winter, but in most cases we can provide for higher quality forage and cover by replacing some portion of mature forests with young forests anywhere older forest dominates the landscape.
Mature forests only provide 50 to 100 pounds of browse per acre, while young forests provide superior cover and 500 to 1,400 pounds of browse per acre depending on management technique and intensity. That means young forests provide five to 28 times more food per acre than mature forests. This is a monumental difference, and it’s why each year I work to convert more acres of mature forest to young forest on our property to maintain a diversity of forest ages.”
In light of what is going on in the world today there has never been a better time to buy land. Interest rates are at historical lows and the purchase of land provides a safe haven for your investment. Other attributes of land include: 1) Land is a great hedge against inflation, 2) Land does not fluctuate erratically like the stock market, 3) Land will ALWAYS be there for tomorrow. 4) Land provides a healthy environment away from the masses and can even provide food for your family.