Buzz D. from California

Eric thanks for doing a great job in selling our property. Overall you did an outstanding job. You were very responsive on first contact. You discussed what you thought the property price would be. You made several trips to the property, took pictures and walked the entire property. You brought up potential concerns about a potential right of way on the property.  You then suggested we conduct a preliminary title search. You contacted the hunting group who had leased the property and discussed there lease and issues. You made an excellent sales brochure and put it on line. We had an offer in the first 10 days for the 100 acre parcel. We then had another offer from the same buyers on the 20 acres.  The original offer did not include the entire 120 acres. You were very ethical in suggesting that when they offer to purchase the entire parcel that your recommendation was to allow them to purchase at the original price point. That was very impressive. You did an excellent job in emailing all documents to me for review and subsequent mailing to our sister in Dallas. I want to thank you again for your excellent work. The next time we are in Alabama we will  take you out to lunch.